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Best Bikes for Obese Men

Finding a good bike for an overweight man can be difficult, whether you want to start cycling to lose weight or because you want to try a fun new activity. Bikes for big guys are not only difficult to find, but also littered with marketing material that claims to be “the best bicycle for big and tall riders” when the flimsy frame and narrow saddle tell a completely different story. So, where do you begin?

What are the best bikes for heavy men? There are numerous options for heavy-duty bikes that are appropriate for overweight men. Here are a few of the best options on the market right now:

  1. Fat Mongoose Dolomite Tire
  2. Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike Frame
  3. Hardtail Diamond Back Overdrive 29
  4. Monster Gravity Bullseye Fat Tire
  5. Bruiser, you’re a stalwart.
  6. EVRYjourney Men’s Hybrid 633zero

The bicycles listed above are all good choices for heavy riders, but don’t think you’re ready to start shopping just yet. These bikes are all unique in their own way, and it is critical to understand these distinctions before deciding which bike is best for you and your needs as a big and tall cyclist. So, in order to sort through the various options currently available, this article will go over some of the best bikes for overweight men, as well as what makes them appealing options for bigger guys.

Best Bikes for Obese Men

6 of the Best Bikes for Overweight Men

Bikes for overweight men have unique features and characteristics that other bikes do not, and the bikes on this list are no exception. Most of them will have heavier frames, larger tyres, more powerful brakes, and wider, more comfortable saddles. These features combine to make a bike that is not only comfortable for overweight riders, but also capable of supporting their weight and getting them on the road!

Below is a list of six of our top picks for some of the best bikes for overweight men, all of which are available on Amazon.

Fat Mongoose Dolomite Tire

A simple Google search for “best bikes for overweight men” will yield numerous lists, all of which mention various bikes. However, there is one bike that appears on nearly every list: the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike.

The first and most obvious feature of the Mongoose is its large tyres, which is why it is known as a fat tyre bike. These tyres are fantastic for a variety of reasons. For one thing, and most importantly for the purposes of this article, they can support significantly more weight than a standard bicycle tyre. The narrow tyres on road bikes are not very good at supporting a lot of weight, which can be a problem for larger cyclists. The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire, on the other hand, solves this problem by including some extremely durable tyres (which also look cool, too.)

The disadvantage of these large tyres is that they will be difficult to inflate with a hand pump if you can do it all, and may require compressed air to get them up to the pressure at which they should be used.

The steel frame is another outstanding feature of the Mongoose Dolomite. A bike with a structure that cannot support their weight is a major concern for overweight riders. This will no longer be an issue with the Mongoose, as its heavy-duty steel frame will support the weight of most overweight riders.

All of this weight handling ability is fantastic, but it would be useless if the bike’s brakes were incapable of bringing everything to a halt. Fortunately, the Mongoose has all of its bases covered when it comes to braking. The Mongoose Dolomite has disc brakes, which will be useful in bringing the bike to a stop with a heavy rider onboard, an often overlooked consideration.

While the Mongoose Dolomite is an excellent bike for larger riders, there are a few drawbacks. One point that has already been mentioned is how difficult it can be to inflate the large tyres. This can be annoying, but it is unlikely to be a deal breaker. Another disadvantage of this bike is its suspension setup. The Mongoose lacks a suspension fork, which can make for a slightly less comfortable ride on certain terrains, though the large tyres help to mitigate this slightly.


  • Steel Structure
  • Large Tires
  • Materials that are tough
  • Breaks in the Disc


  • Tires are difficult to inflate.
  • The lack of a suspension fork can result in a slightly rougher ride.


Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike Frame

The next bike on our list is a fat tyre bike, similar to the Mongoose mentioned above. It should come as no surprise that a list of bikes for overweight men will include a few fat tyre bikes, as they are an excellent option for heavier riders. As previously stated, larger tyres are much better at supporting heavier loads than the skinnier tyres found on road bikes.

However, fat tyres aren’t the only thing the Framed Minnesota has going for it. The Framed Minnesota, unlike the Mongoose, has a 6061-aluminum frame, which is slightly less heavy-duty than steel but much lighter.

One disadvantage of a steel frame bike is that it can be very heavy, which can affect the way the bike rides and make it difficult to lift if necessary. The Framed Minnesota addresses this issue by employing a lighter-weight aluminium frame.

This may sound unappealing to those looking for heavy-duty, which many overweight riders are, but don’t let the aluminium frame fool you into thinking that this bike won’t support you. Aluminum-framed bikes, while less rigid than steel-framed bikes, should be suitable for most overweight riders.

The Framed Minnesota’s robust and capable drivetrain is another outstanding feature. While this has no effect on the bike’s ability to support an overweight rider, it is still a useful feature to have regardless of who is riding it. The Framed Minnesota is equipped with a 29-speed Sram X5 rear derailleur and a Sram X7 front derailleur. Both of these drivetrain components work together to provide smooth and easy gear changes.

The Framed Minnesota, like the Mongoose, has disc brakes that do an excellent job of bringing the bike to a halt. As previously stated, having reliable brakes is especially important for heavier riders, and the Framed Minnesota has you covered in that regard.

The Framed Minnesota, like all good things, is not without flaws. The one we’ve heard the most about is that the bike’s chain is too close to the wheel, which can cause it to get dirty more frequently. Furthermore, this bike lacks suspension, which can make the ride much rougher than on other bikes.


  • Excellent Drivetrain
  • dependable disc brakes
  • Aluminum frame that is light but strong

Big tyres


  • A rough ride means no suspension.
  • The chain is easily soiled.

Hardtail Diamond Back Overdrive 29

The Diamond Back Overdrive 29 is the first bike on our list that does not have fat tyres. A hardtail is a more traditional mountain bike with tyres to match. This, however, should not be interpreted as a criticism of the Diamond Back. Instead, think of it as having more options to choose from! The Diamond Back demonstrates that not all bikes designed for overweight men must have a fat tyre.

This is a great bike for people who want something a little more traditional, as it lacks the fat tyre look that the other bikes we’ve discussed so far. The Diamond Back, on the other hand, has a “thick tyre,” which improves tyre rigidity and can help with puncture resistance in some cases. This is an excellent feature for mountain bikes, as a flimsy tyre with no rigidity will not only not suit large riders, but will also not suit rough terrain.

The Diamond Back Overdrive 29 Hardtail, like the Framed Minnesota, has a 6061-aluminum frame, and the benefits are the same as they were with the Framed Minnesota. This is a lightweight frame, but it does not sacrifice weight-bearing capacity in the process, as aluminium is a perfectly suitable and strong frame material, even for larger riders.

The Diamond Back is also the first bike on our list to include a suspension fork, with an 80mm Suntour unit. This makes the bike more controllable and comfortable over rougher terrain, which is especially important for riders who want to go through trails or off the beaten path in any way. The bike’s hardtail design, which makes it durable and well-suited for different terrains, also helps in this regard.

Another advantage of the Diamond back is its 8-speed derailleur. The advantages of this are numerous, particularly for those who are new to cycling and may not yet have adequate cardio.

An 8-speed derailleur allows the cyclist to select as many gears as they require, making riding up hills much easier by selecting a shorter gear. This is a fantastic option for newer cyclists who want something that will suit them early on in their cycling journey but will also suit them once they are in better shape to handle a more challenging and tasking ride.

The saddle, on the other hand, is one of the Diamond Back’s drawbacks, with some riders complaining that it is too narrow and uncomfortable. This, however, is easily remedied by simply replacing it with one that you are more comfortable with. Finally, we dislike Diamond Back’s overly narrow grips and cheap-feeling pedals.


  • Excellent suspension setup for comfort.
  • Hardtail construction is long-lasting.
  • Aluminum frame that is lightweight but strong
  • There are numerous gears to choose from.


  • Saddle Is Uncomfortable
  • Tight grips
  • Cheap-looking pedals

Monster Gravity Bullseye Fat Tire

This next bike on our list was specifically designed for overweight riders. There are two types of bikes in the context of this article: bikes that are suitable for big riders and bikes that are designed for big riders. The Gravity Bullseye Monster belongs to the latter.

This is another fat tyre bike, which should come as no surprise given that it is designed to support a large rider in every way. Given this, there is no other option but to go with a fat tyre design. This not only allows the bike to comfortably support overweight riders, but it also gives the bike excellent road handling in all conditions.

The Gravity Bullseye, like many of the other bikes on our list, has an all-aluminum frame, but just looking at a photo of this bike will dispel any fears that aluminium isn’t up to the job.

The frame is very rigid, with thick posts and a construction that is unlikely to bother even the most powerful riders.

The Gravity Bullseye is an excellent bike for more reasons than just its ability to carry a lot of weight. This bike is equipped with a high-quality 16-speed Sram drivetrain. As previously discussed, having a variety of gears to choose from can be beneficial for riders who are still working on their cardio, as it can alleviate the burden of climbing steeper hills.

In addition to a strong drivetrain, the Gravity Bullseye has a strong, durable, and capable braking system. The Gravity Bullseye is equipped with the necessary components to provide adequate stopping power in all situations, including front and rear disc brakes.

The Gravity Bullseye’s shortcomings are mostly related to its suspension. The main issue here is that it does not have one. This can make for a bumpy ride on anything but the smoothest pavement. That being said, the fat tyres will help provide some suspension, but without any suspension, a rough ride is almost unavoidable, regardless of the tyres that the bike is rolling on.

Aside from the lack of suspension, the Gravity Bullseye is a fantastic all-around bike. It truly is a jack-of-all-trades in the sense that its drivetrain and construction are appropriate for all riders and most conditions. It will not excel at any one thing (aside from being heavy duty), but it will serve you well in almost any situation.


  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Developed with large riders in mind
  • Big tyres
  • Excellent powertrain
  • Disk brakes


  • Without suspension, the ride will be rough.


Men’s Beach Cruiser Firmstrong Bruiser

The Firmstrong Bruiser Men’s Beach Cruiser is a great option to consider for any overweight riders who want to leisurely ride around town or down the beach. While it lacks the more athletic design of some of the other bikes we’ve mentioned, the Firmstrong Bruiser is still perfectly capable of supporting larger riders. It is intended to be a more relaxing, cruising-style bike, rather than something for those interested in cycling for sport.

The Firmstrong Bruiser, like the Gravity Bullseye, was designed for heavier riders, and it has the features to prove it. One feature of the Firmstrong Bruiser that is likely to appeal to larger riders is its wide and comfortable stock saddle. It can be difficult to predict how comfortable a seat will be without actually trying it out, so reading user reviews can be beneficial.

Another feature that Firmstrong Bruiser users appreciated was its ability to accommodate taller riders as well as heavier ones. While not all heavy guys are tall, it can be useful to know how well-suited a bike is to people who are six feet or taller; this group will be pleased to know that tall users had a positive experience with the Firmstrong Bruiser.

Many bikes can feel too small for some taller guys, with the dimensions clearly geared toward cyclists who are shorter than them. The Firmstrong Bruiser, on the other hand, is not one of those bikes, with users six feet and taller reporting a pleasurable ride.

Furthermore, we would be remiss if we did not mention the Firmstrong’s use of a fat tyre design, which, like many of the other bikes on this list, is great for heavier riders. Furthermore, as the name implies, this can be a huge benefit to those who want to use this bike on the beach because the larger tyres will be better suited to maintaining excellent traction on the sand than traditional tyres.

The Firmstrong Bruiser also has a drivetrain that, while not as advanced as some of the other options on this list, is ideal for the type of riding that this bike is intended for. The Bruiser’s 3-speed setup is more than adequate for cruising and will also be ideal for slightly more sporting riding, though those who want to cycle for sport will benefit from a bike with more gears.


  • Very comfortable saddle and handlebar configuration
  • Excellent for riders 6ft or taller.
  • Design of fat tyres


  • Many users have reported assembly problems.
  • Not suitable for sporty cycling


EVRYjourney Men’s Hybrid by Sixthreezero

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Hybrid completes our list of the best bikes for overweight men. This is a fantastic bike to round out our list because it does an excellent job of combining all of the above bikes into one well-rounded package, making it an excellent choice for overweight riders who want a little bit of everything in their bike. The Sixthreezero is designed to be suitable for commuting, cruising around town, and holding its own if you want to pick up the pace a little.

This bike has a very traditional design, with a forward pedal position and wide-set handlebars. This translates to a very relaxed position that promotes a healthy posture, with many riders stating that this bike is ideal for people who suffer from back pain. Furthermore, the lower saddle and frame shape make it very easy to mount and dismount, as well as take quick breaks, with even shorter riders perfectly capable of resting flat-footed when it is time to take a breather.

The Sixthreezero is the least capable holding heavyweight rider on this list, though it is far from subpar. Its aluminium frame is slightly less robust than the others on this list, but it will still be adequate for many riders.

The dual spring saddle is another great feature of the Sixthreezero. The saddle is perched atop two springs, which aid in shock absorption and make the bike more comfortable to ride overall. Also contributing to comfort is the saddle itself, which is wide and supportive, which heavier riders will appreciate.

The Sixthreezero’s front and rear fenders, which are great at keeping the bike and the rider clean in wet or muddy areas, add to the bike’s already high relative uniqueness when compared to the other bikes on this list. Fenders prevent the tyres from kicking up water and mud onto the bike and the rider, which is a great feature to have for commuter bikers when staying in may not be an option, regardless of whether the weather is ideal for riding.

There are a few drawbacks to the Sixthreezero that should be mentioned. For starters, this bike has V-style brakes rather than disc brakes, which can be problematic, especially for larger riders who need more stopping power. Furthermore, Sixthreezero cannot hold more than 300 pounds, which should be kept in mind by riders weighing more than that.


  • Good posture is promoted by a comfortable seating position.
  • The shape and design are ideal for larger individuals.
  • Spring saddle with two springs
  • Saddle is wide and comfortable.
  • Fenders


  • With heavier weights, he is the least capable.
  • V-shaped breaks


Last Thoughts

Now that we’ve covered a variety of bike options for overweight men looking to get into cycling, you should feel more at ease and familiar with the factors to consider when shopping.

Look for a bike with a heavy-duty frame, larger tyres, more powerful brakes, and a wider and more comfortable saddle. These are all features that will make riding infinitely more enjoyable for overweight men, and people in that category should not consider a bike that lacks the elements required to support them and their goals.

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